It's About Time.

It’s time to do things DIFFERENTLY in 2023. And guess what? It’s already working like you wouldn’t believe…

Let's take one of my recent clients as an example:

They approached me and desperately needed a new website and overall Digital Marketing Plan, but they were seriously low on cash. I could relate! 2022 was tough for all of us: Recovering from a global pandemic, physically, mentally and financially. Loadshedding. Sky-rocketing prices due to a number of factors locally and globally. It all just feels like it's too much!

So, I decided to do things a bit differently...

I signed on without quoting, without taking any deposits or upfront payment, absolutely nothing except my time would be spent on this. I trusted them, they trusted me. I told them I had an idea and it would work. They agreed, and so I began.

I built them a beautiful website and sales funnel using a 3-Step rule. I chose their top 4 products based on my keyword research and I set up 3 sets of 3 Ads for each product.

I did this so that with just 3 clicks, no more, no less, from people seeing their ads, to them becoming qualified leads: willingly handing over their contact information and asking for more. Based on my learning both in creative and data analytics, the rule of thirds trumps everything, all the time.

How is the campaign doing?

I'll let the numbers do the talking. Here are the latest stats for the last 30 days:

This month and counting

0 +
1 k +
1 +
Qualified Leads


Do they have a massive Ads budget?
Nope! Like I said, they were short on budget. We are spending less than R2000/pm on each product.

You may be asking about the above figures and thinking to yourself: "Yes but those are only leads. That does not indicate sales."

Sure, not all of the leads will convert.
BUT because they are qualified leads, many of them will. That is because I KNOW what it takes to build websites that convert and funnels that work.

OK, but what does that mean in terms of their bottom line?

Last month their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) was 17:1!

ROAS = Revenue % Cost

To put this into a more traditional sense, their Return on Investment was 1650% over 30 days... And this is ongoing! Month after month we are knocking it out of the park.

Q: But surely YOU cost A LOT for a 360 campaign like that?

A: Nope! Like I said: I did not charge them a cent.
Well, not exactly. Let me explain...

Create a wealth of Content

12 Years of happy clients.

Let’s look at the traditional business model: 

You need a website. 

For that, you need: Images, profiles, copy, web hosting, graphic design, logos, video content, metrics… The list of deliverables required is fairly long, and all of that before you even start to think about running Google Ads and generating actual traffic, which costs money. I’m sure you get the picture.

In a normal world, you would ask someone, they would calculate how many resources and hours your job will take, and they would send you a quote. It is usually best that you are sitting down when you read it. 

It’s not cheap, because it is highly time consuming and technical work. 

Mike Yellow Smiling 1
It's time to change...
"It's crazy to think that after 12 years of hard work learning the skills and being absorbed in media, content, digital and production, becoming a person that can wear many different hats depending on the season, and it took a global pandemic to make me realise that there is a different way to do business."
Mike Savage
Savage Creative

Here’s an example of

Here’s an example of a fairly average_(ish) quote for digital work

R 0 +
Web Design
R 0 +

a fairly average_(ish)

R 0 +
On Page/Off Page SEO
R 0 +

quote for digital work:

R 1 k +
Graphic Design
R 1 k +
Social Media

Thats R40k right out the gate, BEFORE you even BEGIN running ads and generating traffic and converting leads!

No one has that kind of money at hand right now.

30% of businesses had to close their doors in 2021 and those that didn't had to try and claw back lost sales in 2022. Not an easy task by any stretch.

And here is the real kick in the teeth:

You could have been THRIVING this whole time!

So, I convinced my client that instead of paying me to overhaul their website - and I charge them a premium fee as a normal business would do...

Instead, let me do my best work for them, 100% free of charge.


NO CHARGE. Nada. Zilch. ZERO


Listen! Then we take the budget you were going to spend on a brand new website and let's run that budget on Google Ads instead, and generate some incredible traffic and sales on your products.


I will charge a commission on sales generated through the funnel, that way, I will ONLY get paid when YOU get paid. Am I making sense? See, the reason why this works is because when it comes to Google Ads, everything is measurable.

You can set a monthly budget, and then you optimise the hell out of your Ads in-perpetua!

So your business has a steady flow of business again (without buying the farm), and EVERYONE WINS.

I'll teach you how to do it.

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Mike Savage

Let my clients tell you...

Aliya Ferguson - Aliya's Vibrant Life

“I have been using Mike’s services for over 5 years now and have been so grateful for his skill and attention to detail. He always gives 100% and is not satisfied unless the job is done perfectly.”

Henk Pretorius - Dark Matter Studios

“Mike is a creative problem-solver and leader, and truly an individual of extraordinary ability. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”